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Group picture2.jpgAt the core of Central Alberta Orthopedics is a group of 11 Orthopedic Surgeons with a commitment to providing excellent care in musculoskeletal trauma and reconstructive surgery.  This care is delivered using a multidisciplinary team approach consisting of musculoskeletal physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic technicians, research assistants and administrative staff.

We strive to deliver patient-centered care in our state of the art facility where we have centralized most Bone and Joint related services.  We can provide musculoskeletal assessment clinics, imaging in our x-ray suite, joint and soft-tissue injections, pre-operative teaching, splinting, bracing and casting as well as access to physiotherapy and occupational therapy all in one location.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive gamut of services to maximize function.


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