Brent Sutter Sports Medicine Acute Injury Clinic

In response to the COVID pandemic, we will continue to accept referrals to the Brent Sutter Acute Injury Clinic.  We are scheduling in-person consults for URGENT issues only.  We may offer your patient a virtual consultation.

The home of the specialists.

We are a cutting edge Sports Medicine facility.  We provide early, aggressive care for soft tissue injuries so they don't become chronic problems.  We will see you within 14 business days.

The Brent Sutter Sports Medicine Acute Injury Clinic accepts anyone within 6-weeks of a soft tissue injury.  Examples of injuries would be ankle sprains, knee injuries, shoulder injuries etc. 

We are a multidisciplinary clinic made up of physiotherapists, exercise therapists, musculoskeletal physicians and orthopedic surgeons. 

You can self-refer to our clinic - instructions on our Brent Sutter Sports Medicine webpage.

If you are a practitioner (family doctor, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, exercise therapist, chiropractor, naturopathy etc) and would like to refer to our clinic:

Appropriate patients include:

  • Acute soft tissue MSK injury (within 6 weeks)
  • We do not accept hand, back injuries as well as any injury with an open wound
  • No underlying diagnosis of arthritis
  • Imaging is NOT required - we can arrange for any further imaging as needed

Due to the nature of this clinic, chronic injuries are not appropriate for this clinic.

How to refer:

1.  Contact the Orthopedic Surgeon on call via switchboard.  He or she will determine whether or not your patient is appropriate for our clinic.

2.  If accepted, fax a referral to 403-986-7258.  Please include the following:

  • Indicate that this is a Brent Sutter Sports Medicine and Acute Injury Clinic referral
  • Patient name and contact information
  • Name of referring practitioner
  • Name of surgeon accepting referral
  • Presumptive diagnosis
  • Any relevant imaging
  • You may use our Urgent Referral Form - if doing so, please ensure all necessary information is attached.  Incomplete referrals will be returned.

If further review of the referral shows it is more suitable for a different clinic, this will be communicated with you. 

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