“Cast” Clinic

The Cast Clinic (previously the Outpatient Department Clinic or OPD) is where we see patients in follow-up after surgery as well as patients treated non-surgically, but requiring repeat assessment (such as distal radius fractures).

We do not accept patients for referral to our Cast Clinic without direct communication with an orthopedic surgeon.  If you have a patient with an acute injury not immediately requiring surgery or needing an urgent orthopedic consultation (within a week or so):

  • Contact the orthopedic surgeon on call.  He or she may request the patient follow up in Cast Clinic.
  • You must then fax a referral letter to 403-986-7258. 
    • Patient’s name
    • Patient’s contact number
    • Presumptive diagnosis
    • Any relevant imaging 
    • Name of the referring practitioner
    • Name of the orthopedic surgeon accepting the referral
    • Time frame for follow-up
  • Cast Clinic Patient Handout.pdf

Your patient will then be contacted and will be given a date and time for follow-up.

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