Cast Clinic


 The Cast Clinic is where we see patients who have non-surgical fractures, dislocations and tendon ruptures, patients with post injury or post-surgical complications as well as our routine post surgical follow-ups.

All patients must be referred by a physician.  To refer a patient, you must contact the orthopedic surgeon on call.  He or she will determine is the patient is suitable for our clinic as well as the time frame for consultation.

You must then fax a referral letter to 403-986-7258.   You may use our referral form as a cover letter but all relevant information must be included.  Please include:
  • Patient’s name and PHN
  • Patient’s contact number
  • Presumptive diagnosis
  • Name of the referring practitioner
  • Name of the orthopedic surgeon accepting the referral
  • Time frame for follow-up
  • You may use our Urgent Referral Form  - if using, please ensure all necessary information is attached.  Incomplete referrals will be returned.

Your patient will then be contacted and will be given a date and time for follow-up.
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