We are pleased to now offer econsults!

What is an econsult?

An econsult is a physician to physician or physician to nurse practitioner secure electronic communication. 

Why an econsult?

We know that due to the constraints of our healthcare system, our wait times to access specialist care can be long.  With an econsult, we can review your patient's referral, imaging and previous treatments to better triage patients, to  give advice regarding any management that may benefit your patient as well as to advise regarding the need of further imaging.

We have such a wide variety of specialists with different special interests, better triage allows patients to see the practitioner most suited to their needs.

We also offer such a comprehensive level of care that we can arrange for patients to obtain diagnostic and therapeutic injections prior to their assessments or to have a physiotherapy assessment and treatment plan tailored to their needs.

In most cases, we can avoid the need for advanced imaging - saving your patient the wait and saving healthcare resources. 

How do I obtain an econsult?

You must be a physician or a nurse practitioner to request an econsult.

  1. You MUST use a secure email.  We STRONGLY recommend using your AHS email.  If you do not have one, please contact MedicalAffairs.CZinfoandalerts(at)
  2. Email econsult(at)  Please include:
    • Patient name, PHN and and contact information
    • Short summary of MSK problem including relevant imaging, treatment to date
    • Any significant past medical history
    • Any relevant imaging
    • Any specific questions you would like us to answer

We aim to answer you via email within one week.

We aim to provide as detailed recommendations as possible and each econsult will have a patient disposition - how your patient will be triaged.

Is an econsult safe and secure?

We at Central Alberta Orthopedics have made every effort to ensure our email system is secure.  

Using your AHS account is safe and secure.

We recommend sending only the relevant clinical information.

There is support for using econsults as evidenced by the fact that Alberta Health has a billing code for this type of secure consultation.

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