Hip and Knee Clinic

At the Central Alberta Hip and Knee Clinic we provide surgical and non-surgical management for patients with osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis of the hip and knee.  We adhere to the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network Hip and Knee pathway and are committed to providing care that meets and exceeds the accepted standard of care.

We are accepting referrals from physicians and nurse practitioners.  See below on how to refer.

Why are your wait times so long?

The number of hip and knee replacements we do per year are capped.  This means that we are only allowed to do a certain number of surgeries per year.  This is capped by Alberta Health Services and is completely out of our control - we have a dedicated team of doctors and nurses that have been advocating for years to increase, or better yet abolish this cap.  This cap affects your wait time for joint replacement surgery but also affects your wait time for a specialist appointment.

If you are a referring practitioner, please see below for our initiatives to decrease our wait times.

If you are a patient and are frustrated by your wait, you can express your concerns by contacting the Alberta Health Services Patient Relations Department.

What can I do while I wait for an appointment?

There are a number of non-surgical ways to manage arthritis and this includes keeping a healthy weight, participating in exercise programs, completing an evidence-based therapy such as the GLA:D program - click here or for more information or contact 403-986-2446 if you  want to participate via our clinic - as well as joint injections for pain relief. If you would like a joint injection and are waiting to be seen at our clinic, please contact us directly. 

You can find more information on the diagnosis, treatment and management of hip and knee arthritis, this information can be found by searching https://myhealth.alberta.ca/.

What kind of services and clinics do you offer? 

Please note that Central Alberta Orthopedics DOES NOT offer consultations for isolated labral tears of the hip.  Patients with such should be referred to the appropriate surgeon in Calgary or Edmonton.

We offer both surgical and non-surgical management of hip and knee arthritis.  

With regards to non-surgical management, we offer a comprehensive array of image-guided articular and peri-articular injections through our Injection Clinic.  We also offer consultations regarding non-invasive management of hip and knee arthritis through our Musculoskeletal Assessment Clinic.

We also offer surgical management of arthritis and our surgeons are all high-volume arthroplasty surgeons.  Our surgeons each also have their own areas of interest and expertise so we also offer some minimally-invasive and partial joint replacement options.  As part of the Hip and Knee Pathway, our patients are assigned a Case Manager and are offered support and teaching every step of the way.

Which clinic or practitioner is right for me?

When we receive your referral, it will be triaged by one of our experienced surgeons to the best practitioner and urgency level.

If you have not had any non-surgical management, may not have severe arthritis on your x-rays or if we don't have enough information, you will be directed to our Musculoskeletal Assessment Clinic.  If so, this will not delay your appointment with a surgeon if still needed.

In an effort to decrease our wait times for appointments, we have started a new initiative - the Hip and Knee Screening Clinics.  Here, patients are assessed by an experienced member of our team to better determine how severe your symptoms are, how you have responded to non-surgical management as well as whether you are ready for surgery.  Based on this assessment, you will be assigned to the best fit practitioner for you. This too will not delay your access to surgery if needed - however if you do not attend your appointment, we cannot assign you a surgeon.

How do I refer to your clinic?

In order to best direct your patient to the most appropriate practitioner and best determine the urgency of the referral, as of June 1st 2020, all referrals MUST include include this standardized form.  You may chose to write us a referral letter as well but the standardized form must be included.  Please ensure to complete all sections, including the BMI.

All referrals MUST have an x-ray report ATTACHED - your referral will be returned if not complete.  MRI or US is not a substitute for x-rays.  We strongly discourage the use of MRI and US to assess hip and knee arthritis as advanced imaging does not add to the diagnosis or management for your patient and will delay access to care.  If you have questions regarding the need for advanced imaging for your patient, please send us an econsult.

If the clinical information on page 2 is not complete, your patient will be triaged to the Musculoskeletal Assessment Clinic.

We use a centralized intake system to ensure that we do not have duplicate referrals and ensure that your patient is seen by the first available surgeon.  As such, we discourage referrals to specific surgeons.  You may still chose to do so but be aware this will likely result in longer wait times for your patients.

Fax your referral to 403-358-5808.

Referrals will be triaged by an orthopedic surgeon within 14 days.  We will send you and your patient a letter stating whether the referral has been accepted, and the approximate wait time. We will contact your patient, when the time comes, with an appointment date and time.


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