PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Clinic

We offer PRP injections and there are two types of referrals we accept.
Click here for more information on PRP (PDF)

  1. If you would like to refer a patient to one of our surgeons or musculoskeletal physicians to discuss different treatment options, including PRP injections, you may simply refer them to the appropriate clinic.  Please DO mention that the patient may be interested in PRP. This will allow your patient to be triaged to the physicians on our team that provide this service.

  2. If you have already discussed PRP with your patient and you would like to refer them just to have the injection performed, please send a referral letter to the PRP clinic.

Referrals will be triaged by an orthopedic surgeon.  We will send you and your patient a letter stating whether the referral has been accepted, and the approximate wait time.

Fax to:  403-358-5808

We will contact your patient, when the time comes, with an appointment date and time.

Please note that PRP injections are an uninsured service and fees for the injection apply.

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