Prepare For Your Appointment

Where to find us?

Central Alberta Orthopedics is located on the second and third floors of the Skyway Medical Centre building in downtown Red Deer, AB.  The Skyway Medical Centre building is found directly across the street, north of the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre.

What to bring with you to your appointment?

You will need to bring your Alberta Health Care card and picture identification.

If you are being seen for a lower body problem, such as a knee or foot and ankle injury you should wear shorts or bring along a pair to change into for examination.  Similarly, if you are being seen for an upper body problem, such as a shoulder, elbow or wrist injury, you should wear a tank top or other clothing that easily exposes the area for examination.

If you already have orthopedic devices such as a sling, knee brace, or aircast, that you believe you might need to go into for treatment, please bring them with you to your appointment so that we can make sure they are appropriate devices for managing your injury and fitted correctly.

You may need to bring cash or credit card to possibly pay for orthopedic devices or injections that you may need or want that are available for purchase at Central Alberta Orthopedics.  Visit our Products & Services page for more information about orthopedic devices and services offered.

Please note, you will no longer need bring or wear a face mask while attending an appointment at Central Alberta Orthopedics.   However, if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any cold or flu symptoms we strongly encourage you to reschedule your appointment once you are feeling better.


There is a paid parking lot on the north side of the Skyway Medical Centre building.  Payment is accepted at machines located at the north and south ends of the parking lot.  The posted parking rates are $2.00/hour or $8.00/day.  The payment machines accept coins, bills, and both VISA or MasterCard.  The machines do not make change so insure you bring an appropriate payment amount based on your expected need for parking.  Please consider paying for at least an hour or more beyond your scheduled appointment to potentially avoid having to leave the office to add money to the parking meter.  Orthopedic specialty clinics are often very busy and it is not unusual for the doctors to be running behind your scheduled appointment time.  Parking is neither owned or operated by Central Alberta Orthopedics.  For parking related concerns contact customer services at 403-343-8802. 

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