Ortho Innovation Mackie Elbow Brace

Mackie Elbow Brace 300.png

The Mackie Elbow Brace uses a unique infinitely adjustable hinge mounted on a rigid, non-contact frame. This design offers simplicity of function, strong construction, and superior patient comfort. The Mackie hinge mechanism is engineered to allow for smooth and infinite positional settings. Because human physiology varies greatly from individual to individual, the hinge adjustability allows the patient to control how much force is applied to achieve the best result. For this patient-directed approach to be successful, patient tolerance and compliance is crucial. Static-Progressive Stretch is a proven concept for effective and permanent gain in range of motion.

The Mackie Hinge Elbow Brace has the ability to be used in both flexion and extension. This can avoid the added expense of a second brace because many patients require stretch in both directions. Physician prescribed wearing protocols allow the patient to incrementally stretch the joint to tolerance. The Mackie Hinge Elbow Brace can be used with a variety of Wearing Protocols. Always follow your physicians instructions if they are different from our suggestions. Patient Application Instructions are easy to understand.


The Mackie Hinge Static Progressive Elbow Brace provides static stretch for conservative treatment of soft tissue contractures that are less than six months from onset. In addition, the brace may be used for trauma, post-op adhesions, immobilization, muscle strength imbalance, arthritis, burns, cerebral palsy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury, and post-operatively to maximize range of motion.

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